This article is Ancient (archive 2011)

Gesture Theory: A Villanelle

The script of leaving the wine to chill
The script of adding rosemary
The script of simmering baby turnips

The script of echoes in Annapurna
The script of grasped palms
The script of Walter Benjamin in Portbou

The script of this windward side
The script of sardines in a knapsack
The script of dance like a circling

The script of naked shadows
The script of an oath
The script of wet soil against skin

The script of fountain pen poems
The script of wrapping the glass
The script of breathing in the morning

The script of reading Thoreau’s truism
The script of hiding the luggage key
The script of blind love
The script of the dog-eared page


Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé has three new chapbooks, Dear Physical Environment, This Is Visual Poetry, and To Whose Mandolin It May Concern. Trained in book publishing at Stanford, with a theology masters in world religions from Harvard and fine arts masters in creative writing from Notre Dame, Desmond has edited more than ten books and co-produced three audio books, several pro bono for non-profit organizations. Desmond is a recipient of the Tom Howard High Distinction Award, Tupelo Press Poetry Project Honorable Mention, and Singapore Internationale Grant. Desmond also works in clay, his commemorative pieces housed in museums and private collections in India, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.