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The Cosmic Conspiracy… of Love!

You say teenager’s joke, I say cosmic conspiracy. The fact remains that while searching for streaming versions of The Half-Blood Prince online, I ended up linked to Eclipse no fewer than three times.

Given that I had no prior knowledge of tonight’s lunar eclipse, I’m forced to accept that the confusion has less to do with someone’s compulsion to point out that Harry Potter and Twilight are essentially the same (they totally aren’t), and more to do with tonight’s post. I’ll grant that I eventually learned of the eclipse via Facebook rather than the movie mix-up, which initially seemed to be a mild annoyance more than anything else.

But the universe works in mysterious ways, and without it’s urging I’d have continued with the regularly scheduled sarcasm and criticism, hoarding my optimism for my own. Still, Sure I’m Rebelling or What is a Hipster, Anyway? will wait until later this week.

From what I can gather, the lunar eclipse occurs during the winter solstice while the Sun moves through Ophiuchus, the mysterious 13th sign. You may want to double-check because my grasp on astrology remains as fuzzy as my psychic abilities. If not I understand. Still, this cosmic event provides a beautifully marked moment to renew our commitment to goodness.

This may be the Harry Potter binge talking, but to be good in the world requires constant vigilance (Mad-Eye Moody, for those of you less nerdy than I). While every blog I’ve checked affirms that this is meant to be a time of great renewal, love, and light for humanity, it’s the symbol of Ophiuchus that really moves me.

We generally accept Ophiuchus as a stand in for Asclepius, the great healer, from whom we supposedly derive the rod and serpent as a symbol for medicine. In some versions of Asclepius’ myth, the gods kill him once he manages to cure death. His death serves as a clear Tower-of-Babel-esque warning: don’t go too far, and don’t be too strong, because that’s the domain of the gods. But Asclepius’ presence during this cosmic event hints at another message: now is the time.

So let’s read the event as a divine go-ahead, and seize the opportunity to push ourselves. Let’s be too good, too strong, and too loving and wise.

By now you may be thinking that if I’m too anything it’s too sentimental, and I’m temped to agree. But why not push forward into an era of renewal, light, and love? Leave your bitterness behind and join me as we become the best we’ve ever been.

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